A Car For Dorcas

Dear RFI Family

Greetings to all and prayers for increased revelation and impartation of grace to our lives.

There is a woman in the Bible named Dorcas whose story is found in Acts 9:36-39. Dorcas was loved because she “sewed garments” for people to provide a suitable covering for them. When she died, the people who were blessed by her generous and sacrificial spirit called for Apostle Peter to come and pray, raising her back to life. What a great story of faith and love this is!

We also have a Dorcas in our midst, otherwise known as Margaret Vis who has “sewed garments” for all of us by providing a much needed “prayer covering” through her life of prayer and devotion for RFI. God has really laid this story on my heart for our Dorcas. Margaret has personally prayed hours unknown while training and leading the Amasai Prayer Group of Intercessors who provide the prayer covering (sewing garments) for our Apostolic Ministry Family. You may be thinking, “What has happened to Mags?” She is fine, strong, and full of fire as always. However, her car is dying and needs replaced (it has been resurrected a few times already with repairs). Mags has used her car to travel almost exclusively for ministry, and she needs to continue her travels to minister to us all.

As you know, Mags is a widow who lives by faith and refuses to be a burden to anyone, she is an inspiration to us all. As her apostle (I’m Peter in this story) I am praying for her miracle, a new vehicle. Actually, she would like a Honda CR-V which is a great practical choice, what you would expect of this woman of God. I’m asking God to provide $15,000 to purchase a Certified Used vehicle with average mileage, leather interior and preferably AWD. Will you help make this happen for Mags, there is no better place to invest some ministry money as well as personal finances. Please pray about a $1000, $500, $250 gift so that we can get her in this ride before winter. I would like to purchase it in October, before another repair is needed on her present car.

You can give by clicking the "Click here to give" button below or if you want to send a check, make it out to RFI and put “A Car For Dorcas” in the memo. Please respond as quickly as possible, we want to relieve her mind about having to use an unreliable vehicle. Send checks to RFI, Box 1007, Beaufort, SC 29901. Please don’t send checks to Faith Church International in Fairmont.

Thanks bunches!
Dr. John

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